O Uncolored People Limited-Edition Pigment Prints / by Mark Mann


Mark Mann Studio is pleased to offer two images from a group of original paintings entitled O Uncolored People as limited-edition pigment prints. This ongoing series depicts burnt sunbathers as a means to express a side of the American character weary from excess and leisure and instilled with a dark sense humor. Each painting's title is based on popular boys and girls names from 1930s Social Security records, meant to reference an older generation— tough, stoic, but now questioning their status. My goal is to bring qualities of both the strange and sentimental in these pictures—in much the same way the most miserable of vacations can, over time, become the fondest of memories.

All prints are 14 x 14" image size and 16 x 16" paper size on Innova Soft White Cotton. Edition of 10 and 2 artist proofs at $100 each, unframed plus shipping/handling. The giclee printing process is guaranteed by the manufacturers of the ink and the paper to make archival prints capable of lasting more than 100 years.

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